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GOGOGOGO reveals the lore behind Clancraft

Clancraft's lore has been revealed!

Clancraft’s lore has been revealed!

Gogogogo.com is, for those unaware, a premier game portal for MMOs big and small. Recently they decided to reveal the lore and storylines behind their newest title, Clancraft, which is a browser game that tries to combine base building, combat, questing, and more into a single title.

The game’s artwork is inspired by classic European fairy tales, although the developers warn, “Dt come fully loaded with plenty of power!”  In addition to the lore, they have revealed a new video, which you can find below.

The lore is as follows:

The land of Dios is peaceful, plentiful, with a highly developed human civilization, flourishes and grows day by day.  But one day…was not like the others before it.  This one single day would change Dios irrevocably forever!  The people’s happiness, and their carefree lives, changed to sorrow and anxiety as their world was rocked with the strangest events…

The land of Dios is made up of numerous continents, commonly referred to as “islands,’ including Sophia Island, Gex Island, Miguel Island, and Freya Island.  Other important landmarks include the Sky City, and the Watt Fortress.  Each of these areas are also broken down into a variety of zones, each with their own themes: a prairie, a graveyard, and more; other areas have gained a name by being the gathering spot for a specific monster, such as Werewolf Hill, the Stone Giant, and more.

If this news has you curious about the game, you can try out the Beta, which is currently live, at www.gogogogo.com.



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