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access_time April 17, 2014 at 8:12 AM in Culture by Tim St. Croix

Preview | World of Tanks 9.0 New Frontiers


For World of Tanks 2014 is the year of transition. Starting with game update 9.0, titled New Frontiers, they plan to release a plethora of content throughout the year. With a focus on heavily updating the graphics and models, but not raising the pc requirements, WoT has proven itself as a triple A title, using a free to play model. Now for update 9.0 there are a ton of new features and as each new update rolls out they will add more and more, including with each new update a few new tanks to add to the already impressive roster. These new features are :

  • New high polygon models
  • 12 tanks
  • Not to mention a texture pass on all existing current models of their over 200 tanks.

With a focus more on upgrading the system and making tweaks to the already phenomenal gameplay many of the updates will feature things such as enhanced physics, weather effects and gameplay modes. Now what does this all mean? Simply put 2014 is the year where WoT will attempt take North America by storm.

The new game modes in particular will appeal to new users and currently established ones. One of these new modes is called Stronghold. The aim of Stronghold is simple, grab an area, build it up with buildings and defensive weapons, and hold on to it by gathering resources and defending it with your clan. More than any other this mode is classic clans gameplay.


The second mode is Historical Battle mode, in which players can take place in battles from history that featured tanks. One of the interesting features of this mode is that players will only be able to use tanks that were present at the time of the real events and the teams will be decided by the nationality of said tanks used. The vehicle specs will be different from other game modes and each time will have a few larger heavier tanks, and several smaller lighter tanks. By going for accuracy and with a constantly rotating field of battle of with each update, 3 new fields of war with each one, not just the same few battles every time, this mode may prove to overwhelmingly be the most popular.


The last and finally Garage battle mode is the one still in development, there isn’t a lot known about it at this time, but they did tease some features that are currently not in use in any other modes, such as setting a lineup and something that many fans have been clamoring for, the respawn.

World of Tanks and indeed Wargaming.net is gearing up to make 2014 a banner year for them and their flagship title. With a new push into the North American market and a push into Central America with, new language support, this is a company and a game to watch. I know that I will be playing this game in the weeks and months to come. I will hopefully see you on the battlefield!


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