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Guild of Dungeoneering receives its first trailer

Build your own dungeons in upcoming indie "Reverse Rogue-like".

Build your own dungeons in upcoming indie “Reverse Rogue-like”.

You read that right, folks, Gambrinous’s indie “reverse Rogue-like” Guild of Dungeoneering has received its very first trailer today, which you can find below.

For those wondering what the term, “reverse Rogue-like” means, it’s actually quite simple. In a Rogue-like you take on the role of an adventurer and explore randomly generated dungeons. In Guild of Dungeoneering, however, you will be laying out the dungeon yourself, one room at a time (and yes, this includes both monsters and treasure) in order to attempt to guide your hero to victory.

Your hero will act according to his own personality and needs, which can occasionally cause things to end, not in victory, but in hilarity. The game features a hand-drawn aesthetic that aims to take you back to the days when you would practice drawing maps in your sketchbook.

The game is currently in Alpha and is slated for a mid-to-late 2014 release date on PC, Mac, and Linux, with the possibility of mobile ports following. For those interested in the game right now, however, the official site contains more information about the game, screenshots, gameplay video, and even the web playable Alpha version.

Can you guide your heroes to victory, or will they be slain by the very monsters you have placed?


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