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access_time April 6, 2014 at 2:05 AM in Features by Adrian Marius Toma

1080p vs Better Gameplay

Since the launch of the PS4 and the Xbox One a lot of agitation has been created about the resolution of every single game that was launched. And it’s not limited just to the PS4 and Xbox One games. The same questions are raised about the games launching on PC and Wii U as well. Of course that everybody wants to play the games they love being able to see the tiniest details and it’s a much more immersive experience to play a game on a big screen with proper image quality. But… I’m afraid there is a but.

The emphasis put on this aspect of a game and the pressure that creates for the developers I think is too big for our own good. Everybody is asking left and right about every game is it 1080p? Does it run in 60FPS? And most of the time they complain a lot if the answer is “No”. But why? Why is it such a bad thing if it’s 1080p or 900p or 720p. On a simple PC screen, that is already huge if it reaches 32″, the difference is so small, that you barely notice. And for a console, how many people connect them to screens that are bigger than 50″, after all? I think that not many. And if you try to notice the difference the game doesn’t make you concentrate that much on the game, but on graphics, which brings me to the most important point of this article.

Developers should not try and make the best graphical experience out of a game. Don’t get me wrong, if a game is a brilliant graphical experience, it’s a very good thing. But developers should concentrate on the gameplay. That is what makes gamers come back to a game, even after many years, to play it. A good example is the Call of Duty franchise. I grew up with the games, and I kept coming back to them because they had such an immersive storyline, which I enjoyed, and left me wanting more. But lately they almost re-release the same game. Very few modifications and additions, some thing dropped off, a single player campaign that you can finish in a day, and that’s the new game. But you can play it in 1080p and 60FPS on PS4, but just 30FPS on Xbox One. And for some people that is a deal breaker. I strongly doubt that I would enjoy it more in 60FPS than in 30FPS. I would enjoy it more if it had better gameplay. There is no point buying the games. The best thing about them is the multiplayer, which is not different from one game to another in the last 4 or 5 titles of the franchise.


I don’t want to start another fight between the PS4 and Xbox One fan boys. But I don’t understant why a lot of people don’t buy the Xbox One because a lot of games do not run in 1080p. There are much more important reasons to buy or not a system. And I mean exclusive games, online services or the hardware it packs. N64 doesn’t run games in 1080p, it runs them at best in 480p, but mostly 240p or 300p. But it keeps you coming back from time to time. We didn’t love Mario because of the graphics. You could actually count the pixels that displayed him. We loved Mario because of the challenging gameplay, and enjoyable levels.


I really think we should ask for better games from developers, not just better graphics. Of course we can ask for both. But look what happened to Watch Dogs. I took much more than anticipated to be ready for launch. I don’t mind that, but this is what we should expect if we want a true quality product.


  • Flo April 6, 2014 at 11:56 PM

    You know different kinds of developpers are involved in different kinds of aspects of a game.

    Let the graphics and engine developers worry about giving us 1080p@60fps and let the game developers and other responsible for gameplay worry about gameplay.

  • medman April 7, 2014 at 9:02 AM

    I think the author is missing the point. People are flocking to the ps4 because it offers the most performance, that’s true enough, but it also offers the best first party developers on the planet, the best free games, and on top of all that the better price point. Can’t beat that. Kojima said the ps4 does 1080p 60fps with “room to spare”. So if you can have the console that has the better developers AND the better hardware specs, why would you choose something else? I don’t like TV passthrough and kinect that much. Neither do most gamers. Hence the sales beating.

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