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Gamebusters myth 21: Shoot the dog in Duck Hunt

Can you shut the dog up by shooting him?

Can you shut the dog up by shooting him?

Welcome to another of our weekly Gamebusters series. This week we’ll be tackling yet another rumor based on a classic Nintendo game, Duck Hunt.

This game, some younger gamers may not realize, came with a gun accessory for the original Nintendo Entertainment System. The dog on the screen helped flush out ducks, which you would then proceed to shoot. It’s simple enough, but a rumor began that claimed that you were able to shoot the dog.

What, exactly, shooting the dog would do was a thing that several different versions of the rumor disagreed on. One rumor stated that it would actually kill the beast, making the rest of the game unplayable since it would be unable to flush out any more ducks for you. Another rumor stated that it would give you negative points when you shot your loyal companion.

Myth or fact? This is actually a mix of both. It is purely myth that you are able to shoot the dog on the NES version of the game, even if you shoot a hundred times the dog will never react. That said, the arcade version of the game is a bit different. While you couldn’t shoot the dog in the regular rounds even in this version, once you enter the bonus round it’s fair game. Of course shooting the dog may not provide the satisfaction that many who had believed the rumor were craving, as it merely causes the dog to shout, “Ouch! Shoot the ducks, not me!”

As always, I hope you enjoyed the latest version of Gamebusters. If you have any myths in mind, feel free to share them in the comments and I’ll make them a priority. Happy gaming!


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