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access_time April 2, 2014 at 1:28 PM in Culture by Charlie Grammer

Worst Company in America competition enters the quarter-finals

Who will be this year's "Winner"?

Who will be this year’s “Winner”?

With EA out of the picture in the very first round, it’s anybody’s guess who will win this year’s golden turd award. We are now entering the quarter-finals with our final eight competitors.

First up is the group that kicked EA out of the picture, Time Warner Cable. Upon being asked to review the company many of their customers gave us such responses as Anon6’s, “Is there a negative star rating I can give, because they don’t even deserve one star!” One by the name of Crinca even noted, “Only Time Warner have provided me with such truly terrible service that I am moved to write a review.” After knocking out the two-time winner they proceeded to take down Koch, ending the latter’s dreams of owning the prize. Reviews courtesy of Epinions.

Next up is Monsanto. This company, which managed to beat out both Wells Fargo and Citi, is well known for bringing the public several horrible products. One of their worst? Agent Orange, which Vietnam estimates caused over 400,000 people to be killed or maimed, 500,000 children to be born with birth defects, and up to 1 million people to be disabled or suffer from health problems. And this isn’t taking into account the impact on the health it had on the American troops and their offspring. You can see a top ten of their worst products here.

The third company still in the running is Walmart. There are many complaints about the retailer, with even the employees sick of the place. After all, this is the place that is known to lock employees in overnight and, many claim, force employees to work off-the-clock when it does so. In order to make it to this round they had to take down CVS and Abercrombie & Fitch. They’ve

The final company in the left bracket is none other than Bank of America. This company has a ton of complaints about the customer service, with one stating that it’s taking over 6 months for them to order a check book, thanks to the department that handles these transactions. In order to claim this spot they had to beat out both Experian and American Airlines.

This brings us to the right bracket. The first company in this bracket is another cable provider, Comcast. Like Time Warner, customers have stated that even a one star rating is far too generous for the company and suggest that everybody stay away from it if at all possible. Comcast had to take down both Yahoo and Facebook to reach this position.

The second company still remaining in the right bracket is the only cell phone company still in the competition, Verizon. Most customers of this company are happy with the coverage area… but nothing else.  In order to obtain this “coveted” position, Verizon had to take down Paypal/Ebay and AT&T.

Another bank, Chase, takes the third slot in the right brackets, beating both GM and McDonald’s for the honor of advancing in the competition. This bank has a few good things said about them.. but these good things are rather superficial. Two pros listed include, “They have nice flowers in front of the bank,” and “They answer the phone”. Of course these are immediately followed by the cons, “Absolutely no one cares,” and “They are not willing to help at all” respectively.

The final company still in the running is none other than SeaWorld. This company has several complaints about their overcrowding of the animals as well as forcing the animals to work as hard as they do. Of course there are also complaints about how they treat the customers, such as being forced to pay full price when half of the site is still under construction.

Which of these final eight do you feel most deserve the award this year?






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