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access_time April 2, 2014 at 4:01 PM in Culture by Charlie Grammer

Amazon adds Metacritic scores to their website

Nier's Metascore on Amazon.

Nier’s Metascore on Amazon.

Have you browsed Amazon for a game and weren’t sure if a certain title would be worth your time? If you have and you wished that there was a Metascore on the page, you’re now in luck, as the two have teamed up to put said score on every single game page. The partnership is utilizing a quiet rollout, gradually coming together over the course of the week, but the score box itself is anything but, judging by the images we’ve seen.

While some may think that this is a good thing, others are seeing it as anything but.  They point to a game like Nier, a (in this gamer’s opinion) fun RPG that is rather polarizing. Though the 68 and yellow box is meant to mean that it is an average game, the fact is that it tends to be more of a “Love it or hate it” affair.

In addition the Metascore will not be updated. If a company, like Game Informer, gives the game a bad rating at first, then later decides to give it another shot and does a brand new review, deciding to give the game a higher (or lower) score, the score on Metacritic will not update to include the new review/score.

Some gamers even feel that the site encourages unfair comparisons, such as between the DS version of Chrono Trigger and Super Mario 3D Land. Though they are both handheld titles, they are drastically different. That said, some gamers feel that the scores, since Chrono Trigger scored 2 points higher, suggest that absolutely everybody would love the RPG more than Mario’s platforming adventure. This simply is not true, as quite a few people dislike RPGs but love Platformers and vice versa.

What are your thoughts on this partnership?


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