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Yoshi’s Island comparison: Old vs. New

Yoshi's Island comparisons: Old (left) vs. New (right)

Yoshi’s Island comparisons: Old (left) vs. New (right)

Having recently played the recently released Yoshi’s New Island, it seemed like a good idea to compare it with the original. And there are quite a few things to compare.

In both the original and new Yoshi’s Island games you took control of the Yoshi clan as they protected Baby Mario and tried to rescue Baby Luigi. Both games start out roughly the same, with the evil Magikoopa Kamek attempting to snatch up the baby brothers as a stork tries to deliver them to their new home. He manages to grab Baby Luigi but poor Baby Mario is simply dropped from the sky.

3ds_yoshi_snew_scrn08_e3Baby Mario is apparently more resourceful than you would think a baby would be, however, as he utilizes his diaper as a parachute and floats down safely to a Yoshi. This Yoshi is part of a clan that lives on the island, and the clan decides to help out Baby Mario in both games.

The stages are also set up similarly. Each stage in the original game had a total of 30 stars, 20 red coins and 5 sunflowers, and the new game stays true to that formula. As with the original game, you can just run through the level and ignore all the bonuses, and if you decide to then the game is actually quite easy. If you want a perfect 100% on the stages, however, you’ll have to explore the stages thoroughly, which makes both games a bit more difficult.

The original Yoshi’s Island allowed the various Yoshis to transform into various vehicles, such as a car or submarine, and the new game utilizes the same transformations. This is where one of the key differences comes in, however. Because the new game is on the 3DS it utilizes the console’s tilt/motion control functions in these areas. These motion controls, some say, are poorly implemented, causing you to have to sit up if you’re trying to play while lying down, but I actually never had to do so when I was lying on the couch.

The new game’s art is also a bit different, of course, as the game can utilize more resources than the Super Nintendo could give. Another difference is the music… It sounds and feels like the original game’s music, but there just seems to be something off. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is, honestly, but it doesn’t feel quite right.

Finally there is a lack of bonus mini-games. While you do unlock new 2 player mini-games whenever you beat a world, they can only be accessed in 2 player mode.

Overall, Yoshi’s New Island set out to capture the feel of the original game and in many ways it succeeded. That said, there are a few key differences that fans of the original will note and may find off. Fans and newcomers alike should be able to enjoy Yoshi’s latest adventures, however.


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