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Rise of the Dark Spark to tell the story of multiple Optimus Primes

The Original Optimus Prime is back "By popular demand".

The Original Optimus Prime is back “By popular demand”.

If one Optimus Prime isn’t enough to sate your robot needs then you’ll be pleased to hear that there won’t simply be one in the upcoming game, Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark. There won’t even be two. No, there will be three different Optimus Primes as the game combines three continuities.

While the original Optimus is only going to be playable in Escalation mode, some may wonder why he was included if he’d only be available in the one mode. The answer, according to Activision, is popular demand.

optimus prime 2

The second Optimus Prime that will be playable in the game (and the first to be playable in the main game) is the Optimus from the movies.

optimus prime 3

The third and final version of Optimus Prime that is playable will be the one from the Cybertron games. Having safely evacuated planets, he aims to protect all Autobots that he can.

Which Optimus do you prefer?


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