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access_time March 25, 2014 at 9:00 AM in Features by Adam Larck

Seeing clear with Gunnar Optiks

gunnar cobalt

Recently, I was able to check out a pair of the new Gunnar Optiks Intercept color series.

The series is the same as the black Intercept glasses, but one of five colors can be chosen: Fire red, Cobalt blue, Kryptonite green, Ink purple and Ghost white.

This was actually my first time with the glasses, or anything from Gunnar. The glasses series had always been something that sounded good in theory, but I never had been able to talk myself into getting a pair.

After having ample time to check them out with gaming and working, I realized that these could come in handy for those that stare at a screen for hours at a time.

The lenses have a slight yellowish tint, but I really never noticed it when gaming. What I did notice was that things on the screen seemed to come in clearer and sharper. While you couldn’t tell much of a difference when just working on the computer, graphics in games seemed to pop a bit more.

Similar to sunglasses, the lenses also helped to reduce glare coming from lights or windows. It doesn’t get rid of the glare completely, but it does help to make long gaming sessions more bearable on the eyes.

The biggest draw for the glasses, though, was the benefit of alleviating eye fatigue. Between working all day on the computer and coming home to do more work and game, I find myself staring at a screen for most of my day. However, I’ve found the eye strain I used to have has lessened since starting to wear these glasses. I could do a marathon gaming session or spend a day writing and feel fine, where previously I had to take breaks here and there or put a pair of sunglasses on if it got bad enough.

The more I wore the Intercept, the more I really didn’t notice the amber tinge to the lenses. Sure, it’s still there, but I just came to terms with it for the clearer view when looking at the screen. For the benefit the frames give, the tinge wasn’t even a minor annoyance.

However, I had a bit more of a problem with the design of the lenses. Aesthetically, they don’t look great. There’s no way to not look a bit dorkish when wearing these things. Plus, adding a stereo headphone to the mix doesn’t really help either. When you’re gaming by yourself, that’s no problem. However, if you’re wearing these in a non-tech work environment, you’ll get more than a few strange glances your way.

You may also find that the glasses fit a bit snug, especially on a bigger head. The website does note that they are a wide fit, and they’re alright if that’s all you have on. However, if you’re trying to play online or using a stereo headset, the snugness increases by a decent amount. I use a pair of Plyr 1’s and could notice the frames digging in slightly.

One thing to note is that there are a few different styles of glasses to choose from beside the Intercept, such as the MLG Phantom or Paralex. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to check these out, although I did notice their design had more of a curved feel that could be better suited for longer wearing times.

As I mentioned above, there is no difference between the original Intercept and the new line except for the colors. The colors are nice if you want a bit of a different look from the norm to stand out or if they have your favorite color. No matter what color you choose, though, you get a white glasses bag to store your Optiks in to keep them safe from scratches, which can also double as a lens cleaner.

Overall, the Intercept won’t be useful for a casual gamer, or even someone that games a few hours here and there. The glasses are handy for long bouts of gaming or staring at a screen, though. For $69, being able to get rid of eye strain for dedicated games is well worth the price.


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