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Hideo Kojima reveals his favorite Metal Gear Solid characters

by on March 21, 2014
Kojima picks his favorite MGS characters.

Kojima picks his favorite MGS characters.

Are you a fan of Kojima’s popular Metal Gear Solid series? If so then you likely have a top five list of your favorite characters, but did you know that the creator, Hideo Kojima, does as well?

The heroes that he likes, such as Snake and Otacon, shouldn’t come as a surprise. That said, would you believe that he loves Psycho Mantis and is still trying to one-up the character? Another character that many fans may not have expected to be in this list is none other than The End. Kojima states that he had initially wanted the sniper battle with the old man to last a week as you slowly wore each other down in a tactical fight, but tests proved that it wasn’t exactly possible, so the fight was changed.

Which five characters (if we count Big Boss and Snake as one) are your favorites?

Thanks, IGN.

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