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Decapre announced for Ultra Street Fighter 4

by on March 17, 2014


The fifth new character for Ultra Street Fighter 4 has been revealed, and she’s one of Bison’s dolls.

Decapre seems to be part Bison and part Cammy. While looking similar to Cammy, she has a mask she always wears to hid a burn on her face. She also utilizes plenty of psycho powers in her attacks.

“A lot of her basic attacks are the same [as Cammy’s],” Capcom’s Peter Rosas said to IGN, “much like how a lot of Ryu’s attacks are the same as Evil Ryu’s, and a lot of Oni’s attacks are the same as Akuma’s. There are a lot of similarities there. But what really differentiates them are the Ultras, the usage of the special moves, and some of their combos.”

Other characters coming to USF4 are Rolento, Elena, Hugo and Poison. The game is set to release as an add-on for Super SF4 in June on 360 and PS3, and as a stand-alone package in August.

You can see Decapre in action below.

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