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The 5 & 1 Review | Weapon Shop de Omasse


The 5 & 1 Review is back, this time taking a look at the 3DS downloadable title, Weapon Shop de Omasse.

Weapon Shop de Omasse

WS2What is the game: Weapon Shop de Omasse is the last of the Level-5 Guild series to come stateside. The game puts players in charge of one of the overlooked people of an RPG: the blacksmith. Your tasked with creating new weapons for various adventurers that come in wanting to go on a quest to keep evil at bay. However, you control the option to deny someone a weapon if you think they are going to their death. After all, if they don’t return, you lose your weapon and money you would get from the use of the weapon.

How does it work: At first glance, the game may give off a vibe similar to Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale, where you control an item shop keep looking to get items to sell at the shop for adventurers.

However, instead of wandering around dungeons, you use timed screen taps with the music to make various types of new weapons for adventurers to use.

When making new weapons, you’re given a solid sheet of metal at first that you chip away until it becomes the shape of the weapon. You follow cues above the weapon to carve the blade out. If you need to, you may have to stoke the fire when making a weapon to increase the time available to make weapons. At the end, you cool it off with the water and it’s good to go.

WS4The quicker and more accurate you are with taps, the better quality the weapon will be and the more help it will be in quests in keeping the NPCs safe. Considering your business operates on an honor system, you don’t get paid or get rewards unless a quest is completed. If they fall in combat, your weapon is gone and you’re out money.

You would think, given how much music plays a key in the game, that all the music pieces would sound great. That’s not always the case, though. Some pieces are memorable and will have you humming along. However, most of the pieces are quickly forgettable, and are just as entertaining as going without music at all.

Between making weapons, the game plays out almost like a sitcom at times. You’ll have an audience clapping and laughing as it progresses and the whole thing actually works quite nicely. The comedic nature comes from the director of the game, Yoshiyuki Hirai, who is half of the comedic group American Zarigani.

This is probably one of the main reasons the game took so long to come to North America. There is a huge amount of text and unique characters in the game, and capturing all of the laughs probably took a good amount of translation work. It pays off, though, as it’s what gives the game its charm.

While NPCs are out on quests, you can keep track of their progress with the Grindcast social feature in-game. It gives color commentary, along with showing progress and battles during quests.

WS3It’s also worth noting that when a weapon comes back, it’s always in your best interest to polish it. Polishing it not only cleans it, but gives some increased stats as well.

Why should you care: It’s a different look at the RPG genre that you normally wouldn’t see. It may get a bit repetitive after a while, but the commentary and characters make at least one play through worthwhile.

Who should buy it: RPG fans that want to experience the genre from another point of view or rhythm game fans. Considering the game revolves around timed button presses with the music, the relatively small niche of the game is made smaller.

When should you get it: If you want a short break from other games with something that’s completely different on the handheld. The game doesn’t have a ton of lasting power, but will keep you entertained on a small trip as you make and polish weapons on the way to help defeat the dark lord.

Where is it available: The game is available on the Nintendo 3DS eShop for $7.99.


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