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You can suggest features for a game if you’re the first to beat it

by on March 14, 2014
Please Be Nice :( first 4 suggestions.

Please Be Nice 🙁 first 4 suggestions.

Gamers who have been wanting their suggestions implemented into a game need look no farther than Please Be Nice :(. If you happen to be the first gamer to beat the game, you get to make one suggestion for a feature to be added to said game.

This game, developed by Aran Koning, Sander Vanhests, and Herman Groenenboom, started out simply enough. The goal in the original version was merely to get a red dot to the other side of the screen. As can be expected, a gamer quickly achieved that feat and made quite a strange suggestion; A character select screen. Watch me screw up in version fifteen below.

The second gamer to beat the game requested that the developers make the character feel an emotion, namely love. So the third gamer, who played as a dot of their choice and felt love, decided to request a flashy background while the fourth finally requested obstacles to make the game a bit more challenging. As of the time of this post there are a total of 15 versions of the game, with more coming out.

If you want to try out the game, you can grab it here. The full update list is here.


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