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access_time March 13, 2014 at 10:56 AM in Features by Dragos Dobre

Watch Dogs may be just another mediocre game


Watch Dogs can be easily identified as one of the most anticipated game of this year for both next-gen and current-gen consoles (and PC, of course!). The game’s development seems to be long and hard, as Ubisoft Montreal has delayed Watch Dogs more than several times. Fortunately, we now have a release date set in stone, but I have my reservations about the game and I’m trying to keep my excitement at low levels. Why?

Before we start on this path, we should all know what Watch Dogs is. The game follows the story of Aiden Pearce, while his whole adventure is based on hacking and his interaction with technology. Ubisoft has shown us several gameplay videos in which we could notice the protagonist’s abilities. We could say that the premise of the game is quite original, and certainly has something new to offer to gamers.

The work on Watch Dogs started back in 2009, but the game has been officially revealed over at E3 2012. The first trailer shown then seems to be kinda unrealistic compared to how the game might look in the final stages. We can assume that the game was running on a high-end PC for that version, while the version revealed a few days ago was on a “limited” PlayStation 4. Of course, PS4 is in no way limited but the lack of AA, depth of field and water physics got us worried.

Is the downgrading the game’s visual quality the reason behind all those delays? Why Ubisoft would want to do this? Maybe because they want it on all platforms, and it’s not possible to release it on this many different consoles and still keep the overall quality intact. My strong belief is that they should have focused on next-gen consoles and PC (I know many old-gen console owners will crucify me for this).

We also can’t assume that the PC version is above what Ubisoft showed us, as it seems to me a bit illogical to showcase a mediocre version of a game when you can advertise “the best”.

Putting graphics aside, will Watch Dogs be truly a new experience? After waiting this long, gamers have a truck fully loaded with expectations, and we surely are entitled to raise the bar with every delay. I’m wondering if all this wait gave Ubisoft enough time to create a game that has the power to amaze us all?

If Watch Dogs ends up being just another long awaited mediocre game (see Thief), this might end up as the biggest disappointment suffered by gamers from everywhere in the world. Of course, in no way or form I want this to happen, as the gaming industry sure needs more quality titles.

We need innovations, we need a real breakthrough in gaming… so I’m asking Ubisoft to NOT disappoint us and make Watch Dogs the game that everyone will remember!


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