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Newest Humble Weekly features SEGA titles

Pay what you want for SEGA titles.

Pay what you want for SEGA titles.

Do you enjoy gaming? If so and you’ve been wanting to wage war, slay undead by utilizing your typing skills, play as a dead rabbit, or just enjoy some classic SEGA games, then the newest Humble Weekly Bundle may be for you.

If you decide to pay between $1 and $5.98 you’ll receive Rome: Total War, Wrath of the Dead Rabbit, Alpha Protocol, and Company of Heroes. Not bad for the price. If, however, you opt to pay more than the average of $5.99 you’ll get five (or fourteen, if you count each Genesis game as a standalone title rather than the collection) extra games, Typing of the Dead: Overkill, Binary Domain, Renegade Ops, 10 Classic SEGA Genesis Games, and Medieval II: Total War.

That’s not all, however. As with many recent bundles, there is a third tier. This tier costs $14.99 (or more, if you want to pay more) and unlocks Total War: SHOGUN 2.

While many games featured in the Humble Bundle sales can be played on several platforms, it should be noted that all of these titles require Windows and Steam. That said, if the games interest you then you probably won’t find a better deal, particularly since buying them individually would run you over $150.



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