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access_time March 11, 2014 at 7:05 PM in Culture by Charlie Grammer

Valve hires Robert Briscoe

Dear Esther artist joins the team at Valve Software.

Dear Esther artist joins the team at Valve Software.

The artist behind Dear Esther has recently been hired by Valve, he announced today.

In his announcement, he stated that, “Initially I thought I could distract myself with another project, the rationale being that if I had something new to work on, some kind of focus or long-term goal, that this feeling would be less distracting. However, in facing such a task, I’ve also found myself also facing the prospect of again working alone for another 5 years…”

The prospect didn’t seem very appealing to the artist, as he goes on to state, “So I’ve decided I need a break from the solitary life I’ve been living these past years. I think I need to be around people for a while; A lot of my energy and enthusiasm comes from being in the presence of people, sharing different ideas, methods and techniques, different views, outlooks and inspirations, and mostly by just being out of my comfort zone (which I have very much slipped into).”

Having had his US work visa recently approved, he began applying for several companies. The one that ended up hiring the talented man was none other than a company he has admired, Valve. For those wondering what’s going to happen with DE Unity, you shouldn’t fear, as he states, “The bulk of the port is done, with just some backend and scripting stuff remaining, so I should be easily able to finish things off in my spare time, plus I have the team of talented people at TCR to help me along the way if needed.”

He wraps things up by stating that he still has things that he wishes to do in the future, both on his own and with TCR, so he’s positive that he’d go back to being an Indie developer someday. For now, however, he’ll be helping out the Valve team.



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