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Top 10 Mario Bosses

Mario, Mario, Mario…Nintendo’s flagship plumber does practically everything but plumbing. As a result, his “rogue’s gallery” is quite…diverse. Turtles, ghosts, and birds might just be the most normal enemies he’s had to tackle on his way to racing/golfing/brawling/adventuring victory. In honor of the Plumber of Star Power’s most powerful foes, I present to you: Top 10 Mario Bosses!

10. Ludwig von Koopa
You have to give it to those Koopa folks, even though they get knocked down a bunch of times, they keep getting back up time and again. The chief villain of the fold is definitely Ludwig, Bowser’s second-in-command. He’s been showing up time and again since Super Mario Bros. 3, and he’ll make his debut as a playable character in Mario Kart 8.

On to the next boss!


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