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access_time March 11, 2014 at 1:27 PM in Features by Robert Craciun

3 Reasons Why Titanfall Hurts The Industry


Respawn’s Titanfall has just launched and having already generated a lot of hype, the title promises a strong and consistent multiplayer component, worthy of tackling the already-famous Call of Duty reputation. But while it does deliver it, more or less, it seems like the title could have been a lot more, but it may be limited by bad developing decisions, risking to hurt the gaming industry in the process. Here are 3 reasons which I think pull the game down, keeping it from living up to its full potential.


As we all know, the title is exclusive to Xbox One, PC and Xbox 360 because of an exclusivity contract signed between Microsoft and EA. In my opinion, that is a big mistake. Of course, it helps the Xbox One by driving gamers into buying Microsoft’s next-gen console in order to enjoy it, but Titanfall is not the kind of game that should be made exclusive. Titanfall is seen as the archenemy of Call of Duty and not only because its ex-Activision developers, but because it’s based on the same principle of slaughtering your friends in online multiplayer. The game is huge and has tremendous potential in that area, plus it generated a lot more hype that the last Call of Duty titles combined and so it had the perfect recipe for selling a tons of copies. But now it lacks that huge exposure, not to mention that there are a lot more PS4 systems out there than are Xbox Ones. So this not only hurts the game itself for losing potential profit, but it also hurts the studio in charge of it and the publisher by creating this “arrogant” image around them. We all hate EA already so it’s not such a big deal, but Respawn deserves better than this because they delivered one of the best games this year (and their first game ever!), multiplayer-wise, and they deprived millions of gamers from enjoying it. And everyone loses from such a situation.

Lack of content

While the multiplayer component provides a lot of fun, it gets old quickly. Okay, not that quickly as it’s just too much fun, but much older games provide a lot more multiplayer options, not to mention that they have a well-structured and dynamic singleplayer campaign. And being a multiplayer-oriented title, it should provide a lot more content than it does by default. We all know what is going to happen next, not to mention that we’re talking EA here. So probably (most definitely) we will see tons of DLC launching in the near and far future; I’m guessing maps, online modes, weapon packs, customization packs and so on, things that should’ve already be present in the game. And we all know that downloadable content is the cancer of today’s gaming industry and the universe just doesn’t deserve another taste of that. Don’t get me wrong, I am not completely against DLC, if made right and launched at the right time they are extremely benefic for the games and their players, but I am talking about the ones that fill the gaps that should not even exist in the first place instead of adding a consistent extra to the game. But if, by any miracle, we won’t see any DLC for Titanfall, it will still be a bit sad as the fun will not last forever.

It’s not really next-gen

I really don’t see the point of it being a next-gen title. The game is built on the 10-year old Source game engine and it really shows. And because it presents such huge mayhem and gigantic violent robots, it should’ve been a truly eye-candy title, worthy of the next-gen architecture. But unfortunately it runs at 792p resolution on the Xbox One and while it’s not that much of a difference between 792p and 1080p, it’s the number itself that counts. In my opinion, the game should have been pushed into squeezing that next-gen juice, making it a truly gorgeous sight to behold. We see this problem on Call of Duty Ghosts as well, the game not evolving its visual design elements enough and just tweaks the details a little bit. This is quite a problem for today’s triple A games. The whole world has its eyes locked onto next-gen consoles and they must demonstrate their hardware capabilities, but with games like Titanfall where there are consistent frame-drops, the physics are not even close to other last-gen titles and the resolution is not quite there yet, it just shows a disappointing example. And I for one am quite tired of these let-downs.

Titanfall is a fun and addictive multiplayer FPS, but its exclusivity, its lack of multiplayer variety and its disappointing graphical showcase not only hurt the game and the company behind it, but it sets a bad example in the early next-gen industry where games should be pushed into providing a lot more creative variety, amazing designs and huge exposure in order to convince as much people as possible of their capabilities.


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