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access_time March 8, 2014 at 9:32 AM in Culture by Adam Larck

Leaptrade offers good, but limited trade service


When GameStop became a big player in the gaming landscape, it wasn’t because of the new games it sold, it was because of the stronghold it had on the used games market.

While others have tried to recapture Gamestop’s success with used games, website LeapTrade is taking a different approach: let gamers trade with gamers.

The website has two different ways that trades can be handled. Trades can either be done for another game, or for credit that can be used later to get more games.

For those receiving the games, you’ll pay nothing for shipping. Only the one shipping the game will pay $3.49 for shipping. Thankfully, LeapTrade does give an automated shipping label to use when sending games.

Putting games on the site is pretty simple as well. You can actually set up a collection of games that you have so others can see and possibly offer to trade. However, if you want to trade you can also select trade-in, select if it’s the full game and case or just game and have it ready to trade.

The system is great for those that trade games frequently. The value of games is often pretty close to face value, meaning new games are worth anywhere from $50-$60. So, playing a game and quickly going through it can net you most of your money back for another title.

The website also deals with retro games, although I found something odd about the way they are handled. A lot of the retro games definitely haven’t depreciated in value. For instance, I can find plenty of copies of Super Mario World for the SNES at a few local stores for about $7-$10. However, LeapTrade has it listed for $40. Rarer games, such as Chrono Trigger, clock in at $100.

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Another problem some gamers may run into is the selection of games available. Like GameStop, the games available depend on what gamers have traded in. Because LeapTrade is lesser known, though, it also means that the selection of titles, especially newer games, are a lot more limited I’ve found out.

This is compounded by gamers that want to get the most they can get as quickly as possible. I saw quite a few posts on the forums stating that they would only post a new game for a few days before trading it to Amazon and getting whatever credit they could. So, get ready to check often to see if the game you want is available, or set up the watch list to get alerts when a game is available.

The site also offers a good trade protection as well. While they would rather have gamers sort problems out among themselves, if that doesn’t work they are prepared to issue refunds of credit used in trades for games that don’t work or for gamers that aren’t satisfied.

LeapTrade also monitors the satisfaction of trades with the feedback gamers leave on trades. Feedback is necessary here, as that is what completes the trade and gives the one sending the games their credit to use. It’s a good system to ensure that gamers don’t just send a broken game and get the credit instantly.

Overall, LeapTrade seems great for gamers to trade in new titles quickly for more money or to pick up recent titles (less than five years old) for cheap. The biggest thing the website needs right now, though, is just more gamers to trade and use the system.

Signups and use of the website is free. All gamers need to do is visit LeapTrade and signup to get $5 to use. Referring a friend can get gamers an additional $5 to use as well.


  • Mark March 9, 2014 at 7:53 PM

    Good to see more people writing about this site. As an ex-Goozex member I was looking for a new place to trade on when that site and VGfive.com went down. Leaptrade was one of the alternative to Goozex I found and so far I’m happy with my membership there. I see new members, as well as many old faces I know from other trading sites popping up there all the time so the site is definitely growing and all those experienced traders are creating a very nice community of game traders. There’s actually a pretty decent selection of games on there right now too. New games are always harder to come by on trading sites, its hard to compete with selling a game for $40+ or trading it for credit, most will go with the cash. Leap does has those 1-for-1 trade options though and that’s great for new games, I’ve seen quite a few trades done that way for newer stuff. I’ve completed 9 trades myself since I joined sometime in January and the whole system has worked like a charm. They’re really responsive to new ideas and critiques too which is a bonus. I’ve only been there a couple of months and there have already been a lot of user requests implemented as changes to the site which have made it a better place to trade at.

  • Jonathan Bigalow September 15, 2016 at 6:03 PM

    Leap Trade is self destructing just like 99 Gamers did a few months ago. I think young people are running the business and they do stupid things. They recently allowed cash sales which has ruined the website but they won’t admit it. Hardheaded just like 99Gamers.

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