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access_time March 7, 2014 at 2:06 PM in Mobile by Charlie Grammer

What Red Bull believes Nintendo’s classic games would look like as Smartphone games

Destroy Mario's (or Jump Man's, rather) house in Angry Kong!

Destroy Mario’s (or Jump Man’s, rather) house in Angry Kong!

Though Nintendo has stated that they have no plans to release Mario or other series on mobile devices, at least one investor is begging for them to, seeing dollar signs dancing around. In addition, people have begun to wonder just how horrible some of the games, if released as mobile titles, would be.

If you’re one of those wondering, then wonder no more, as the folks over at Red Bull have posted several ideas. The first idea presented is for Angry Kong, in which Donkey Kong decides to get revenge after the princess had been rescued. In order to do this, he begins throwing barrels to destroy the villa in which the two now reside. You, incidentally, will be playing the role of Kong.

Slice apart the ducks as your dog mutters riddles.

Slice apart the ducks as your dog mutters riddles.

Another idea they had was titled Duck Ninja, in which you utilize your finger to slice apart the ducks flying across your mobile screen. As your dog-turned-sensei watches you slice up the ducks, he will occasionally make remarks such as, “If a duck is sliced in half in the forest but there is nobody there to hear it, will it still taste good with hoi sin sauce?”

There are more games presented, such as Water Temple Runner based on Zelda, Super Luigi Jump, Flappy Mario, and Dr. Mario Saga. Overall, however, the games presented certainly seem to paint the picture that Nintendo is making the correct choice in staying away from mobile titles!


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