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Mass Marketing Effect


I went into my local comic shop today to pick up some stuff when I happened to see a Mass Effect title on the shelf.

I reached for it, flipped through, admired the artwork and ultimately-mainly because it was like the fourth arc in the series and I never read any of the others-decided not to buy it. However, there wasn’t a longing after that decision to get the others and catch up, nor was there a sadness that I’d missed it to begin with, nor was there excitement upon discovering it. It made me wonder…why am I so out of touch with the other facets of the video game world? They make everything now for games, from t-shirts to posters to books and comics, so maybe I’m just too old (It’s hard being 3 million years old, dude) or whatever but it seems like the other parts of gaming culture have completely passed me by. Maybe it’s where I came from. I came from a generation of gamers who gamed, and nothing else. Now people want to be 100% immersed in their fandoms, and while that’s fine, it’s just not for me. But is it even my fault? Let’s do the American thing and blame the corporations for not getting me interested enough to seek this out from the start, shall we?

masseffectredemption_screen1Maybe had their world they’d created been so interesting, I would’ve been more curious to continue my dive into the other parts of the games life. The only thing I’ve bought video game related was the Alan Wake novel, because I loved Alan Wake. Is it their fault for just not making their worlds interesting enough? It’s possible. A lot of games worlds aren’t fleshed out to the maximum because it’d take far too long to do and see when playing, but then there’s those like Mass Effect. Mass Effect really does have a totally unique universe built around it and a quite fascinating one at that. I loved the games, I’ve replayed the second a few times to get closer to 100% and I would love to see maybe a television series based on it but…I don’t know, maybe video game stuff doesn’t work in the comic medium? But that can’t be true for Mass Effect, it’s the nerdiest title out there, man. It’s what a lot of comics are built upon. Entirely crafted universes with real races and characters and backstory and the whole 9 yards. If ANY video game lends itself to the world of comics, it’s got to be Mass Effect. So what’s the problem? Am I just uninterested because of when I came from, gen wise?

That’s got to be a big part of it. I’m gonna say a lot of it also has to go to the corporations shoulders for not getting me more into their other roads for their products.

Or maybe…maybe I’m just not the target audience for video games anymore…I mean, I’m 24, I’m an adult woman (legally, anyway, mentally I’m about 12 so you’d think this would actually work in the gaming worlds favor) I have real world responsibilities and shit to deal with. Work, relationships, medical stuff. But there’s a ton of adult gamers too who all have those same things and they do just fine. Maybe there IS no answer. Maybe I’m reading too much into this. All I know is that I’m not too interested in the outlaying products of a video games world that isn’t the game itself, or maybe it’s my idea that by marketing something it takes away some of that uniqueness. It makes it hollow. Once you see something EVERYWHERE, it’s just not really as special as it used to be. Star Wars was a great example. Nothing for decades, and now there’s everything imaginable. Maybe crass consumer culture killed my interest. Maybe the corporation didn’t do enough to get to me. Maybe I’m just too old.

Maybe I’m amazed at the way I love you.

I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.

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