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Gamebusters myth 17: Leatherface is in San Andreas

Does Leatherface truly reside in San Andreas?

Does Leatherface truly reside in San Andreas?

Last week we decided to go back to the early Nintendo days for our myth, but this week we’ll do something a bit more recent, specifically one of the many myths surrounding Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

This myth is that Leatherface, the killer from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, resides within San Andreas. He resides, as the myth goes, around the Panopticon and slays his victims by utilizing either a chainsaw or a firearm. Reports also suggest that he appears from behind the player and will kill the player almost instantly.

Many have claimed that he exists, and there are many descriptions of him. Many of these descriptions are different, however, as some say that he wears blue overalls, while others say he simply has on a butcher’s coat. Everybody who has seen the killer agrees on one detail, however; He is indeed wearing the mask.

Of the sightings, around 70% have occurred at the Panopticon, which is also the name of the prison that holds some of America’s toughest criminals. In addition to this clue, you can also find a chainsaw around some trees that have been chopped down.

People have also reportedly found him at Fisher’s Lagoon where there are blood stains in the cabin and a wheelchair at the end of the pier. The very same one that Leatherface sat on during the movie. Some have even believed the time written on the newspaper found on one of the wheelchair’s wheels has some connection with the killer.

Another connection to the murderer is the house in the mission “Body Harvest”, which looks quite similar to the murderer’s house. At night this house’s windows will glow blue.

All who have claimed to meet the killer have reported the sound of a distant chainsaw shortly before meeting him eye-to-eye. Those who haven’t met the killer have decided to conduct an experiment, namely heading over to the Panopticon cabins and leaving the game to do something else. Upon returning, they find that they are in the hospital.

Myth or fact? This one is a bit tough to say. While at least one YouTube user has posted a video, which can be seen below, we have been unable to duplicate this. It could be that we’re missing something as we’re re-enacting the steps this user utilized, but because we have been unable to attain the same results as well as the fact that there are many mods and pranks out there that showcase the character, we have to declare this to be a myth. If we do manage to duplicate the feat on a game without mods, we will update the status of this myth.


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