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GGR 638 Nascar 14 & Transformers: Age of Extinction

by on March 6, 2014


Listen up videogamers… it’s Steve Masters with GotGame! The Nascar season is now under way. The new video game, Nascar 14 will have you driving around in circles… bumping and swerving. You can spend hours customizing your car or if you’re like me, you can just get on the track and race. Nascar 14 hardcore Nascar fans will enjoy this one.. casual race fans.. you’ll squirrel off the track all the time.

This summer… a new Transformers movie.. and videogame! Switch between Autobots or Decepticons as you play the story.. can you believe Transformers have been around for 30 years! Robots in disguise! Look for new Transformers movie and game this summer… I’m Steve Masters for GotGame.

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