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access_time March 4, 2014 at 8:00 AM in Features by Ramon Aranda

Buy or Sell: Destiny, Wii U, Oculus Rift, Flappy Bird


Hey hey, we’re back with another edition of Buy or Sell, which has sadly waited for me to get off my ass and get it going again.

In this week’s edition, we have John Curry and Patrick Brickhouse, who will give us their thoughts on a variety of topics, so let’s get right to it!

PS4 is smaller than PS3.

1. Since their respective launches, you’re more impressed with what the PS4 has offered.

John Curry – BUY. Although not a 100% certain buy. For me personally, neither Xbox One or PS4 really debuted with any “game changers” per se. However, I think Thief could be one. I do continue to look forward to PS4 titles a little more than Xbox One’s at the moment. I think the real answer will come with the launch of Elder Scrolls Online and how Sony’s online capabilities match up. If Xbox has zero issues and Sony does, this will change my answer immediately.

Patrick Brickhouse – SELL. The PS4 is doing exactly what Sony said it would do as far as its ability to play games and showcase its hardware. With that said, where are the system selling exclusives? Xbox One might have had a rocky road to launch, but with Titanfall coming soon, its looking good.


2. Destiny will prove to be a good game, but nowhere near what Halo is.

John Curry – BUY. I am only saying these because of those rabid Halo fans out there who think Halo is the greatest game ever are going to make sure they do everything they can to crap all over this game in hopes that it leads to the death of the game. I am not a Halo person at all and really list it at the top of my overrated games. It is a FPS that has been done to death in the gaming world since it was released. Destiny will offer something new in terms of story but there will ultimately be very little of anything that gamers will go nuts for.

Patrick Brickhouse – BUY. Destiny will be an amazing new experience for a newer generation that has come to expect innovation. Halo will still be relevant though, as its one of the greatest and most profitable franchises in history. Destiny won’t steal Halo’s thunder, but rather showcase its own in a different light.


Mario Kart 8-Sunshine Airport

3. There will be some solid first party titles but for the most part, the Wii U is a bust in this generation.

John Curry – BUY!  In all due respect to my brother from another mother Ryan Bates, aside from the handful of first party games, the Wii U is a wasted product of novelty that has become an afterthought in the current gen market. Nintendo has absolutely no one to blame for this but themselves. They really did not do anything that continued the innovation that the Wii introduced. I for one am glad I sold mine and have zero plans of ever owning one again…..that is until they bring Fatal Frame to the table.

Patrick Brickhouse – BUY. Nintendo is still one of the greatest companies around in the industry. This time, they messed up. I think they need to call it a loss on the Wii U and start coming up with a graphically powerful machine that plays the games that the older generation wants as well. I’m talking a darkly themed Zelda, a new Metroid from Retro, Star Fox etc. Stick with brilliant first party titles and make them awesome. Just not on Wii U…


4. You have zero interest in Oculus Rift.

John Curry – BUY. This one is really simple for me….it is not hearing aid compatible or friendly. Wearing this over my hearing aids would make me extremely uncomfortable. That aside, there is nothing I play that I would prefer a set of goggles to over a 55″ LED TV. It is a nice novelty item but that is about all.

Patrick Brickhouse – SELL. I CANNOT WAIT TO OWN ONE!


5. You actually liked Flappy Bird.

John Curry – SELL. Truth is aside from the idiots on Craigslist and ebay trying to sell 5 year old phones and iPods for 10x their value because this game is on there, I have never played this game and have absolutely no interest in it. I know my students play it from time to time but then again, they play anything free. I could give half a monkey’s ass about this game or about their copyright issues.

Patrick Brickhouse – SELL. Could care less. Played it once, but the Golden Girls marathon had me far more interested.  Oh, that Rose….


6. You’d be fine if they never made another Rock Band or Guitar Hero game…ever.

John Curry – BUY. This is simply due to one word….Rocksmith. Why the heck should I play a fake guitar game when with Rocksmith I can actually learn how to play the guitar. Sure I am not going to walk out after Rocksmith as the next Dimebag or Slash but if I can only play one chord, that’s more than any Rock Band or Guitar Hero game could have taught me.

Patrick Brickhouse – SELL. Do one. And I mean ONE. Update it with new songs and venues, custom characters, instruments.  Just keep it relevant so no one has to keep buying new hardware every time. Activision milked Guitar Hero to death. Now could be a great time for a comeback if it’s done in moderation.


  • tanto March 5, 2014 at 7:46 AM

    Wii U is amazing. These guys are asswipes.

  • Col March 5, 2014 at 12:24 PM

    Got my WiiU and never giving it up. Set to have one of the best rated RPG’s of the year , “Monoliths X”, set to have nigh on the best fighter of the year and beyond, “Smash Bros”, set to have one of the best racers of the gen, albeit an animated one “Mario Kart 8”. Virtually Undeniable to be top for platformers, Best version of Rayman still plus Tropical Freeze, Mario Land 3D etc.. Likely to have the best action adventure of the gen in Zelda HD.
    WiiU will do fine, its PS4/XB1 we’re waiting to see anything interesting on, as indicated by their woeful launch title reviews (regardless of their graphics) excluding maybe Resogun. And most journos questioning whats meant to be on their horizons.
    And advising to axe WiiU and build a higher powered system is insane at best. Live out the gen with WiiU , make the best of it. Make a new system next generation around. WiiU will do fine.

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