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Heroes of the Storm soon enters Technical Alpha

by on March 3, 2014
HotS enters Tech Alpha soon.

HotS enters Tech Alpha soon.

If you’re a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) fan then you may be interested to hear that Blizzard’s upcoming game, Heroes of the Storm, is approaching Technical Alpha.

For those wondering what Tech Alpha is, it will be the initial testing phase of the game that will allow Blizzard to examine how the infrastructure and tech will function across a broad spectrum of machines and connections. Blizzard added, “re able to support the entire Heroes population as the community grows.”

If you’re wondering who’s invited, then you may be up for a disappointment. The game will start out with a “very limited number of participants”, though Blizzard intends to expand the pool of invited players as their testing needs grow. If you do not live in the United States then you will be unable to participate in the Alpha.

If you’re interested in the game you may be wondering, “How do I get in on this?” Blizzard jokingly states, “Contrary to popular belief, chanting “Tech Alpha!” into the mirror three times will not grant Alpha access, but it may amuse your family members.” They proceed to point out that the only real way into the Alpha is through an official invite.

To be considered for the invite you’ll need to utilize your Battle.net account and opt into the Heroes of the Storm testing page, then download and run the System Check tool which will attach your computer specs to your profile and make sure the opt-in box is checked.

Will you be participating in this Tech Alpha?

Source: Heroes of the Storm official website

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