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Buy Rare Bioshock Memorabilia From Former Irrational Games Employee

by on February 27, 2014



As you may have heard, more than 200 employees were left without their jobs because of the recent Irrational Games studio closing. Things must be pretty difficult for them as this was kind of sudden, so this former employee, a level designer for Bioshock Infinte, is selling game memorabilia on ebay, which includes a rare Murder of Crows Vigor replica.

These were given as gifts to employees on one of our employment milestone anniversaries.

I’m selling this item for a colleague in order to add to our savings following the closure of Irrational Games on 2/18/14

While the prices are a little spicy, this only shows that the decision to shut down the studio may have been surprising and pretty harsh. Here’s hope that the former employees find employment soon.

Source: Gamesabyss

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