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access_time February 24, 2014 at 7:00 AM in Previews by Steve Masters

First Look at Wolfenstein: The New Order

Last week, I got a chance to play the first levels of Wolfenstein: The New Order on PS4. I chose easy mode so I could get through as much story as possible in the short time I had. Here’s what happened.

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You start out in a WW2 British warplane in a huge air battle. You’re fighting normal planes, then…all of a sudden, these modern-day stealth fighters appear in the sky! Yes, strange! Abandon this plane by jumping out the side door from your burning plane, land on the wing of the plane next to you…then slide to the door where some dude helps you get in. Climb down to the turret and blast away. You’ll need to shoot down 10 or so of these stealth-modern planes, and then a cut scene. Next you find yourself swimming underwater. It seems there is some very strange things happening. Huge metal dog-type robots are tearing up everything. The only way to safety is to swim again underwater. This opening section was very entertaining and fast-paced. There was a part where you needed to put out a fire in the plane…not sure we needed that. Once on dry land, you’re in the catacombs of the German army bunkers. You don’t have a gun yet, so you quickly learn the stealth kill. Do that a couple times, and then you get your first gun. Go down hallways, shoot bad guys and robot things. All pretty standard stuff. The only thing they should do away with is the ammo pick-up system. Every time you stand over ammo, you have to hit the square button to pick up. You’ll find yourself hitting that damn square button a million times. It should just be automatic, like in most FPS games. Keep turning corners, and a new batch of German soldiers appear. Blast away. Lots of cover to hide behind, and they are placed in convenient spots. I made it to a part where some of the German soldiers have that strange skeletal look. Creepy.

I only had a short time to play Wolfenstein: The New Order, but I enjoyed what I got to play. The dark, strange sci-fi feel keeps you guessing and asking yourself “What the hell is happening?” I’m looking forward to playing deeper to see this story unfold. The visuals are crisp, and the weapons are tight and forgiving. Hitting the square button a million times for ammo pick up is un-needed, but it didn’t ruin the fun. There were lots of discoveries, and pick-ups along the way, and I know I missed tons because I was moving quickly through the story. I personally love strange action games like “Singularity” “Destroy All Humans” so this is right up my alley. I look forward to playing this one further!


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