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Play Pokemon Red with thousands controlling the same character

by on February 21, 2014



Twitch Plays Pokemon looks like an average Twitch game stream at first. In fact, it is a game in itself, as viewers are able to control the hero of Pokemon Red by inputting commands in the streaming platform’s chat window. As of this writing, the stream is nearing seventy thousand viewers, many of which are wildly typing “a,” b,” “up,” “down” and other instructions, sending the obedient Pokemon master into frenzied directions.

It’s code I wrote myself that utilizes a few libraries for functions like connecting to IRC and simulating key presses.

Said the creator of the game, which desired to stay anonymous.

As much as it sounds like players would never be able to accomplish much in this fashion, viewers were able to push on past the second gym leader of the game, Misty.

Source: Joystiq

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