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Blizzard shows off how Clans and Communities will work in upcoming Diablo III expansion

Reaper of Souls: First look at Communities and Clans.

Reaper of Souls: First look at Communities and Clans.

Fans of Diablo III are likely looking forward to the upcoming expansion titled Reaper of Souls, as well as all the new additions it will bring with it. Today Blizzard has decided to give us the first look at Clans and Communities.

We’ll first look at Clans, which are designed to provide players who share similar interests, gameplay schedules, or goals the ability to band together and form tight-knit groups. Though these have a member limit of 120 players, they will still be a good way to communicate with several pals at once.

You will be able to create a Clan by providing a Clan Tag, a Clan name, and selecting a language. From there you can change whether you are looking for members or not, with Clans that aren’t looking for members not being displayed in the search results.

Finding and joining a Clan is straightforward as well, as you simply open the Communities tab and click the “Find” button (Blizzard notes that this button won’t appear if you’re already part of a Clan). From there you can narrow your search by both language and utilizing word filters.

Next up are the Communities, which support “a nearly unlimited number of members”. You will be able to join multiple Communities (even though you can only join one Clan), and are designed to “Foster relationships between like-minded people, with a keen focus on socialization.”

Creating a Community is similar to creating a Clan. You will need to choose both a language and a category for your Community, which can include (but aren’t limited to) Online Communities, Class Specific, Streamers/Personalities, Internet Cafes, Regional, Schools, Companies, and only.

Finding a Community is similar to finding a Clan (Blizzard notes that because you can join multiple Communities, the find button will always be available), with the ability to narrow your search down just like you can for a Clan. In addition you will be able to display only certain categories and choose whether you want to view only public or both public and invite-only communities.

Will these new features be interesting enough for Diablo III fans? What are your thoughts?

For the full details, check out Blizzard’s official post.


  • Ramon Aranda February 20, 2014 at 7:19 AM

    Can’t wait for this expansion.

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