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access_time February 14, 2014 at 4:49 PM in News by Charlie Grammer

New game lets you hijack the US government


Disrupt lets you hack into major city infrastructures.

Disrupt lets you hack into major city infrastructures.

A new game that allows you to hijack the US government is in development. This game, titled Disrupt, places you in the role of a hacker who successfully manages to gain access to the government’s NexOS.

By hacking into this, you gain the ability to freely hack into the cyber infrastructure of major cities in order to do almost anything. Want to steal some files? Go right ahead. Want to remove some incriminating evidence? No problem! Need to plant some evidence to get somebody else convicted? Easy as pie!

While you’re performing these feats, you’ll need to be careful to avoid detection. In addition, the game promises an engaging, choice-filled story and full modding support.

Does this text game sound like something you’d be interested in, or will it ultimately fail to impress?


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