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Gamebusters myth 14: Beating Blue Sphere unlocks something awesome

Will beating Blue Sphere in Sonic and Knuckles unlock something awesome?

Will beating Blue Sphere in Sonic and Knuckles unlock something awesome?

Last week we looked at a myth surrounding the popular RPG Earthbound. This week we’ll be looking at a rumor surrounding Sega’s blue mascot, Sonic.

For those unaware, Sonic and Knuckles is rather famous for the lock-on feature of its cartridge. This allowed gamers who inserted Sonic 3 into the Sonic and Knuckles cartridge to play the two games combined (which some may recall is what Sonic 3 was originally going to be) as three different characters. These are Sonic, his friendly sidekick, Tails, and Knuckles.

In addition to this, the developers decided to add in compatibility with Sonic 2. This allowed gamers who put the cart into the Sonic and Knuckles cart to play through the second game as Knuckles. This started theories that inserting the original game into the cart would utilize something similar.

Players soon found out that locking these two games didn’t actually manipulate either one. Instead it launched a mini-game featured in Sonic and Knuckles that is known as Blue Sphere. Of course gamers will be gamers, and instead of accept this gift they get, gamers began to spread rumors that beating the full game of Blue Sphere from beginning to end would unlock something awesome (the specific prize varies depending on who you ask).

Myth or fact? This is one rumor that seems impossible to test. The reason that it is unable to be tested is that Blue Sphere actually contains 134,217,728 levels total. One rumor suggests that after you manage to beat all 134 million levels it will start over at the beginning, but, as with the rumor that doing so will unlock something, it cannot be tested. The estimated time that it would take somebody to fully complete the game, playing non-stop, is 400 years. That said, those who looked into the game’s code also found nothing to suggest that something would be unlocked if somebody successfully beat every stage in the game. As a result, we declare this to be a mere myth.




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