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Nintendo Direct 2.13.2014 recap


Well it’s that time of the month again as Nintendo had just aired its monthly Nintendo Direct eariler today. What games was announce? Are there any new information about games we already know about? And will people stop demanding Nintendo to make smartphone games, FOR GOD SAKE THEY ARE NOT GOING THAT SHIT WHEN THEY HAVE THE 3DS DAMMIT! Sorry about that last sentence just needed to get that out of my system. Anyways here’s a recap of what talked about in the Feb 13 2014 Nintendo Direct. (Note: This was being typed during the presentation)

First of Nintnedo starts off strong with a new Super Smash Brothers trailers, and this one introduces a new fighgert to the game Little Mac from Punch-out! It was AWESOME! Mac was one of the charaters should have been in Smash for a long time so its greqt to finally see him. No release date for Smash yet but i am still hyped for it.

Next up was a look at the new Mario Golf game for the 3DS. Other then Mii integration and customization it feels like the same Mario Golf game we all know and love since Mario Golf was first introduced on the N64. Mario Golf World Tours comes out May 2.

Then we got the pink ball himself in Kirby Triple Deluxe. From the looks of things this one is going to be a game full of collectible items to find in the game ontop of the classic Kirby gameplay. KTD also has street pass support and will also be released on May 2

Then we have Yoshi’s New Island. Looks like Yoahi Island with Donkey Kong Country Graphics. It comes with the return of Poochi, and Yoshi can once again transform into different vehicles and also become a super Yoshi. There is also a flatter wing upgrade for gamers that are not so good at the game to still be able to finish the game, Yoshi’s New Island comes out March 14.

The live stream of the Nintnedo Direct was starting to fail on me but it looks like we are getting another Steel Diver game for the 3DS subtitled Sub Wars. Not sure why as the originalt was not that good of the game but hey maybe this one will actually be good. Also will have some sort of Multiplayer.

Now we get another 3ds game called Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball, a free to play sport game. Make make this interesting is that you can actually bargain with Rusty to lower the price of additional games you can obtain besides the baseball game.

Then we get a Pokemon puzzle game for the 3DS. Come on Nintendo talk about some WiiU games already. I know it hard to uderstand but other gamers want more then just Smash Brothers.

Now we get a new Professor Layton Game… for the 3DS. I’m sorry but i though we were gonna talk about 3DS and WiiU GAMES! As far as the Professor Layton game goes it looks good, not great but good.

As long as we are ignoring a system that needs attention let’s just say that Monster Hunter 4 will be coming to the US this year for the 3DS

Also coming to the 3DS and not WiiU is Weapon Shop. Looks like an intersting take in the RPG trope. will be on the 3DS eShop.

Now we got more eShop games for the 3DS with Moon Chronicles for the 3DS, a remake of the cult classic DS fps game. There’s also Treasurenauts, and HOLY SHIT WII U GAMES! Shovle Knight and 1001 Spikes are coming to the WiiU eShop.

And another WiiU game being talked about, Child of Light. Now its not exclsive to the Wiiu (Multi platpForm game) but it still look slike a great rpg tilte for the WiiU. Come out Aprle 30.

Next up it’s another trailer for Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. Its looking to be a great platforming game for a system that really needs great quaility games. Should be out by Feb. 21

Nes Remix is now being talked about, and its being update with NES Remix VOL.2. Nes games coming to volume 2 is Zelda 2, Kirby Dream land, Metroid, Super Mario Bros.2, and an exclusive game Super Luigi Brothers. Nes Remix Vol. 2 comes April.2

GBA games are now coming to the Virtual Console for WiiU, but I want N64 games on the WiiU service.

Next up in a new Mario Kart 8 Trailer. Baby Mario and Baby Luigi looks to be returning to the game from the looks of the trailer. Also the Koppa kids from Super Mario Bros. 3…… AWESOME! Mario Kart 8 comes out May. 30.
Ohh they talking about the newest Monolist RPG game teased a little over a year ago. Looks like Xenoblade in HD in my opinion, but nothings wrong with that. I’m just gald Nintendo is giving the WiiU some love in this presentation.

And then its Bayonetta 2, the final game of the presentaion. I’m.I’m glad Nintendo is invoked in this game as Bayonetta deserved a kick ass sequel like this. Bayonetta 2 comes out sometime this year.

Over all not a bad presentation form today’s Nintendo Direct.They’ve announce plenty of new 3DS games and even told us some new info about WiiU games we are excited for. My only complant is that Nintendo didn’t even bother revaling any new WiiU games, and that system really needs some new games if it wants to succeed this generation. So what did you guys think of today’s Nintendo Direct?


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