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Xbox One headset adapter coming next month

by on February 12, 2014

Headset Adapter

Microsoft has announced a few new accessories for the Xbox One next month, one of which online gamers will love to see.

An Xbox One headset adapter will release early in March that will let many current headsets plug into the controller for easier party use while playing, say, Titanfall.

The adapter will cost $24.99. Microsoft does note that any gaming headsets using an adapter will only receive chat audio, and that game audio will be done through additional cords going to the TV.

In addition, Microsoft is releasing a stereo headset that has two over-the-ear speakers and unidirectional mic. It also comes with the detachable adapter. The headset will cost $79.99.

Game Informer also notes that the controller will need new firmware to use the adapter and new headset as well. To update the firmware, players will need to turn the system on and remove the controller batteries, plug the adapter and headset in, connect the console and controller via USB cable, install the update and turn the controller back on.


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