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access_time February 11, 2014 at 8:09 AM in Mobile by Ramon Aranda

Flappy Bird creator took down the game due to addiction


Flappy Bird was all the rage for weeks, with the game being among the top free games on both iOS and Android.  With a simple premise, gamers had to simply tap the screen to keep the bird in the air and avoid hitting green pipes, to increase their scores.

However, as quickly as the game gained notoriety, the game is now gone.


The game’s creator Dong Nguyen told USA Today that he took the game down because he says the game causes addiction.

Flappy Bird has unexpected effects,” says Nguyen. “It causes addiction (in) people. I think it is an unexpected problem … and I have to remove it,” he told the outlet in an email.

As popular as the game had become, it had also been the target of criticism, mainly due to it’s artwork that seemed to resemble Super Mario Bros. a little too much.  Nguyen however, claims that he didn’t copy anything and denies that he was forced to take the game down.

With the game having been downloaded some 50 million times, Nguyen tweeted that, “I cannot take this anymore.”

For gamers who already downloaded the game, you can still play it and re-download it, but it is not available for those who never picked it up in the first place.

On the other hand, if you have money to spare, there’s smartphones on eBay with the game installed that are selling for anywhere from a few hundred dollars, to a couple of thousand bucks.


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