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access_time February 9, 2014 at 12:26 PM in News by Adrian Marius Toma

New Portal webseries needs your help

portal survive

The Portal: Survive! fan film creators, Colin and Connor McGuire, are back and hard at work on a new Portal-based webseries. Unfortunately, futuristic Aperture technology doesn’t come cheap. So the two brothers turned to Kickstarter for help. They are asking for at least $15,000 to get their project, called Secrets of Aperture, off the starting line.

For the minimum funding of $15,000, the two brothers will make five episodes. But for additional fundraising, they will create more content. If $20,000 will be raised, they will add a vlog series hosted by Portal universe characters. With each $15,000 beyond that, they will create another episode, up to a maximum of eight.

The webseries will be free to watch, but donors will have access to exclusive content, like behind the scenes clips and a DVD copy of the series, available only via Kickstarter. More eager Portal enthusiasts can contribute with at least $3,000 and get a full-size portal gun replica or a companion cube.

Source: Kickstarter


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