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access_time February 6, 2014 at 3:30 PM in Culture by Charlie Grammer

Sega reveals Sonic Boom

Knuckles seems to have taken some steroids since we last saw him.

Knuckles seems to have taken some steroids since we last saw him.

If you’ve been looking forward to a brand new Sonic game, you’re in luck, as Sega has today revealed Sonic Boom.

As you may have noticed in the above trailer, Sonic and the crew have all undergone some redesigns. Sonic himself is now wearing a scarf as well as some athletic tape wrapped around his wrists, hands, ankles, and even feet. Knuckles is much bigger than the other three, while Amy wields a rather large hammer. Finally, we have Tails, who looks more like the inventor of the group with the tool belt and wrench.

The games themselves are being made by separate entities. BigRedButton (for those unaware, this was a studio founded by Bob Raffei, a former Naughty Dog developer) will be working on the Wii U version of the game while Sanzaru will be working on the portable version. While the two versions will take place in the same world, it should be noted that they’ll utilize different level architectures and stories.

Each member of the group has unique abilities which will link up with the others. In a clip from the show, for example, Sonic faces off against a brand new robot from series villain, Dr. Eggman. He’s not alone, however, as Tails is busy providing air support from a plane above him.

We’ll keep you updated with more Sonic Boom information as we learn it.

How will the games from BigRedButton and Sanzaru turn out? Will gamers embrace the new designs of Sonic and his crew? How will the games tie into the TV show?



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