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access_time February 3, 2014 at 3:07 PM in Mobile by Charlie Grammer

Gamers consider Dungeon Keeper mobile to be a horrible game

Fans are far from happy with Dungeon Keeper mobile.

Fans are far from happy with Dungeon Keeper mobile.

While the title isn’t true of all gamers, most seem to agree that EA’s mobile offering of the classic 1997 game is extremely horrible.

For those unaware, Dungeon Keeper puts you in charge of your own dungeon, giving you all the tools you need in order to populate it with vicious monsters and traps to ward off any heroes.

One reviewer, Jim Sterling from Escapist, states that Dungeon Keeper (mobile) is a, “cynically motivated skeleton of a non-game, a scam that will take your cash and offer nothing in return. A perversion of a respected series, twisted by some of the most soulless, selfish, and nauseating human beings to ever blight the game industry.”

Mr. Sterling isn’t the only gamer to despise this offering, however. USGamer’s Pete Davison writes, “There are hard-working developers and publishers struggling to bring meaningful, beautiful game experiences to mobile platforms, and yet their hard work is undermined by games like these just seeking to make a quick buck.”

Chris Carter of Destructoid chimes in that, “It’s like EA saw dollar signs after the success of Clash of Clans, and wanted to clone it in the worst way possible — by using a respectable IP as its skin.”

It’s not just reviewers either, as many gamers, like this guy, have taken to Twitter and voiced their disgust at EA milking the beloved classic in this way.

If you’ve played the mobile title (and especially if you’ve played the original game before), what are your thoughts? Are these reactions overblown, or are they completely justified?


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