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access_time January 31, 2014 at 1:06 PM in News by Charlie Grammer

Star Swarm benchmark is now available on Steam

Oxide releases Star Swarm benchmark on Steam.

Oxide releases Star Swarm benchmark on Steam.

Some readers may recall that on January 16, Oxide Games released a tech demo that showed off over 10,000 ships on the screen at once. If you’ve been curious as to whether your system could handle the software, Oxide Games has released a benchmark that you can play around with on Steam.

According to the Steam page, the engine utilized for the Star Swarm tech demo is already being utilized in three different games. The first is a title (unannounced as of yet) from the engine developers themselves. The second is the Star Control reboot from Stardock, and the final game is codenamed Mars and is being developed by Mohawk Games. A list of features can be seen below:

  • Up to 10,000+ units onscreen at once – Imagine what kind of games can be made when developers can count on simulating battles and scenes at this scale

  • First look at AMD’s Mantle technology – See the performance benefits of AMD’s new API layer for yourself if you have compatible (Graphics Core Next-based) hardware

  • Benchmark mode generates performance information – Since Star Swarm is a dynamic simulation rather than a canned demo, run it several times to see what Nitrous’ real-world gaming performance is on your machine

  • Film-style rendering – Nitrous uses Object Space Lighting, which renders objects onscreen using the same techniques used by the film industry, including real-time film quality motion blur, on your PC

What do you think of this benchmark? Are you looking forward to see what developers can do with so many units on-screen at once?


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