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Nintendo should not start developing a new console just yet


Since yesterday a bunch of rumours surfaced the internet regarding Nintendo’s new next-gen console. Allegendly, the new console’s prototype (codename Fusion) is made of two separate devices: a home unit called Fusion Terminal and a handheld devices Fusion DS. The rumoured console also happens to have some mind-blowing specs, including Holographic Versatile Disc (HVD).

While, of course, the rumours are more than certain false, a lot of longtime Nintendo fans (that already bought a Wii U console) were wondering if the rumours miraculously came true, what will be left of the brand new and not so popular Nintendo Wii U?

The fact that this article is based only on my opinion and/or speculations doesn’t mean that there isn’t a good reasoning behind why I think Nintendo shouldn’t start planing ahead while the Wii U is still in not such a good place. So, let’s take a closer look at the current-gen console Nintendo has to offer before we jump in the uncertain future.

Nintendo’s “next-gen” console, Wii U, has been released over an year ago. The console has some fairly decent specs and a bunch of first party games that might attract some people, but somehow Nintendo has a real hard time selling it.

Some people say that the failure of Wii U is based on Nintendo’s poor advertisement skills, as many thought that the Wii U is only a device that works alongside the classic Wii. Others may say that the console has no good third-party games, and since it’s not selling well, no big company wants to start investing both money and time in developing a game without having a good install-base on which they can rely on.

Despite the fact that Wii U has already been outsold by Sony’s PlayStation 4 in just a couple of months, the console still has some pretty decent numbers, with over 4.30 million consoles sold worldwide in one year. And while Michael Pachter thinks that Nintendo should dump their console and start porting their first-party titles to both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, he couldn’t be more wrong – because giving up on Wii U would doom Nintendo entirely. 4.30 million consoles may seem a small number to some, but it’s still better than nothing.

So, getting back to our topic, why Nintendo shouldn’t start developing a new console at this moment? It’s simple, because even tho Wii U is in a financial hole right now, there’s still much hope for the console. Nintendo never has been always about hardware, because games were (and still are) their strongest point.

Not only that hardware doesn’t define who Nintendo is, but they will sure disappoint a lot of people whom already invested in the Wii U thinking that the console will be their main gaming system for at least four or five year, if they will rush into releasing another console already.

At this point, Nintendo should be focusing on getting the best out of Wii U, as the console sure has untapped potential. This is, in my opinion, the best thing to do right now and the only thing that can help the company get back on the right track. Well, we can expect for a succesor of the 3DS, but that’s a handheld device and it’s a whole other story.

Don’t forget that the console war of this generation has just begun, and even the little brother has a small chance to win! And you should also know that I’m not in anyway a Nintendo fanboy (because I know a lot of hate will be generated by this article), and I love playing on both my PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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