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access_time January 21, 2014 at 1:38 PM in News by Charlie Grammer

Gamer releases mod for Spelunky HD to recreate the same levels

Spelunky mod forces game to load same levels.

Spelunky mod forces game to load same levels.

Though admittedly a large part Spelunky’s appeal are the procedurally generated levels, some gamers desire to replay the same levels. There was already a mod available for the classic Spelunky, but today a gamer has released a mod for Spelunky HD.

The creator posted this mod over at MossMouth forums, and stated, “Simply run the app, click ‘Enable Custom Seed’, and enter any string you want into the edit box. It can contain any characters. Spelunky will then be forced to use the numeric hash of that string as the seed for level generation. There’s also an option to force 64-bit seeds to be used and generated to allow for a much greater number of random levels (see below for more).”

What are your thoughts on this new mod? If you’re a Spelunky player, will you be utilizing it or do you prefer the procedurally generated levels?


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