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access_time January 20, 2014 at 1:31 PM in Mobile by Charlie Grammer

It is impossible to beat Final Fantasy VI on Android (Update: Issues have been fixed)

FF VI glitch makes it impossible to beat the game on Android devices.

FF VI glitch makes it impossible to beat the game on Android devices.

We aren’t just being coy here. It is literally impossible (at the time of this post) to beat the game on Android devices for one simple reason. The game freezes and crashes at a certain point of the game. As a result, if you have anything past 4.2, you may not want to buy this game until a fix is confirmed. Note: Even though the game is old, there may still be people that haven’t played it. If you are one of these, do not read farther, as the article contains spoilers.

The game freezes around the halfway point, where you take control of General Leo and fight Kefka. In the game, Kefka is supposed to kill General Leo, however in the Android version, the game crashes at this point, making it impossible for gamers to advance any farther.

This issue was reported on NeoGAF and confirmed by Square on the Google Play Store, where they state that a fix will be coming soon. Although that isn’t much comfort to many, as they recall the company saying something similar about Chrono Trigger six months ago and they’ve yet to get it working on systems past 4.2.

Will Square actually fix this issue? Or will we look back six months from now and wonder why they haven’t yet done anything about this game breaking glitch?

Update: As the commenter pointed out, Square has fixed the issue preventing gamers from beating the game.


  • SE March 1, 2014 at 1:28 PM

    It is fixed… keep it updated

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