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GGR 597 Max: The Curse of Brotherhood & Call of Duty Ghosts

by on January 17, 2014


Listen up videogamers… it’s Steve Masters with GotGame! Have you ever wished for your younger brother to…disappear? Well, that’s what happens in Max, The Curse of brotherhood for Xbox One now a giant monster has your brother, and..well, you’re trying to get him back home. It’s 2D sidescrolling action that’s fast paced, but sometimes, the controls don’t work exactly.. so, yeah.. Max the Curse of Brotherhood… try it before you buy it.

At any given time, there are over 100,000 people playing Call of Duty Ghosts. The multiplayer maps are great.. and you can create your warrior with over 20,000 variations.. including the SMBS. I’m Steve Masters for GotGame.

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