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Steve’s Top Ten Video Games from 2013


Happy New Year….Here’s my personal top ten favorite games from 2013! My favorities will probably be different than yours, and they are WAY different than the VGAs. So let’s get this started….

Number 10, Skylanders SwapForce! Skylanders SwapForce is the third in the Skylanders games. It’s the same cutsy story.. but now the toys break apart, and you can morph them. It’s cool how the Lightcore Grim Creeper Skylander lights up on the portal. Skylanders Swapforce… number 10.


Number 9, Metro Last Light, you play as a Russian guy after the nuclear war! The air is bad, and there are mutated creatures roaming the world underground, and above the surface. Metro Last Light..it’s got creepy creatures and enemies, with control gripping suspense! The visuals and music are also perfect for the setting. Metro Last Light is a great combination of survival horror and action adventure. Its number 9!


Number 8, in Battlefield 4 you play as Sergeant Recker part of Tombstone squad travel to Azerbaijan, Shanghai, and other great places to shoot enemies. There are two types of people: COD fans, and Battlefield fans. BF4 is a great shooter. It’s tactical, challenging, and customizable to different styles of gameplay. Online is where everybody is, but I liked the single player story too. COD snobs should check BF4 out. Battlefield 4..it’s awesome and it’s Number 8.


Now # 7… Bioshock Infinite! This game has the most incredible story and the floating city of Columbia is fantastic. There is even barbershop singers floating on a ship in the sky! The further you get in Bioshock Infinite, the more you wonder how much acid they must have taken to come up with the freaky ideas! This is a masterpiece, and should be played by all serious video game fans. BioShock Infinite is incredible.. and it’s number 7!


Number 6… Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag! You start out steering a ship, and shooting cannon balls at enemy ships! The ships are awkward to steer at first…kind of like the first time you drove a Warthog in Halo 1, but then when you figure it out…you’ll feel like one of the bad asses of the 7 seas. Then, there’s a romantic moment when you tell your wife your going away on a trip. Then you start all the running and chasing Assassins Creed style. The Caribbean sea is beautiful, and the destinations you explore have all the adventure you can ask for. Assassins Creed 4, it’s good from beginning to end… It’s number six!


Number 5! My favorite fighting game from 2013….WWE 2K14! 30 years of Wrestlemania! All the legends are in this game. I also had a chance to talk with Ultimate Warrior in an exclusive GotGame interview. I really enjoyed that conversation! You can match up Andre the Giant, with Big John Studd. The Rock, Hulkster, so many legends to name! The WWE historic events are fantastic to relive, and it’s cool that they put in the old footage and visuals. WWE 2K14 is a superb wrestling game. Yes, these guys beat the crap out of each other! WWE 2K14… it’s number 5.


Number 4 , The Last of Us! This is the apex of PlayStation 3 development. It was the summer hit we all needed. You start out as the 14 year old girl then, the whole world is going crazy with a viral infection. Once the survival adventure stuff starts, that’s when the story and intensity build. Ask yourself…would you sacrifice someone special to you to save humanity? What would you do? Find out for yourself. The Last of Us will grip you! The Last of Us for Playstation 3 it’s my number 4.


Number 3, Grand Theft Auto 5! Los Santos is the largest open world that Rockstar has ever created. The sheer amount of content crammed in this game is probably a record of some sort. Sit on the couch and watch very funny TV shows, listen to tons of strange and humorous radio stations, play golf, tennis.. you can mess around with so much sub-content in addition to a fully robust GTA experience. This was going to be my number 1 game of the year, but that is just too obvious, and every other review show has it as #1… If you don’t have GTAV, well…I don’t know what to tell you. Grand Theft Auto 5 it’s number 3.


Number 2, NBA 2K14! My top sports game from 2013 NBA 2K14. 2K is the leader in many aspects of sports video games now. Highly detailed player likenesses, attention to detail with regards to the stadiums, lighting, etc. But what separates 2K b-ball from the rest is the ball control. They really worked on the physics of the way the ball bounces, rebounds, and hits off the glass. I’m not a huge NBA fan, I like NHL much more, but with video game sports, it’s NBA 2K14…oh and one more thing: story mode. (PS4 and X-One) NBA 2K14… the best sports game from 2013!


And now, (drumroll please) my top game from 2013! Number 1… Saints Row IV! OK I know what you’re thinking. Saints Row IV? Number 1? Steve, you’ve lost your mind. Let’s get one thing straight. When I sit down to play a video game I want to have fun. I’m not a game snob who enjoys bragging about headshot kills, XP, or trophies. Saints Row 4 delivers for me…exactly what I enjoy. Ridiculous story, weird aliens, and all the over-the top weapons, vehicles and situations you could ever dream of. Game snobs stay away… Saints Row 4…. it’s a game that doesn’t take itself seriously..and it’s my number 1!


  • Ramon Aranda January 13, 2014 at 4:15 PM

    Was a big fan of all of those games. I would’ve also added Wind Waker HD, Super Mario 3D World and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

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