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access_time January 13, 2014 at 12:09 PM in Culture by Charlie Grammer

Chinese media believes Huawei will be able to play PS3 games

Will it truly be possible to play PS3, PC, and NDS games on the TRON?

Will it truly be possible to play PS3, PC, and NDS games on the TRON?

During the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week, Huawei showed off a brand new Android gaming console that they call TRON. This device can, according to the Chinese media, play PS3 games, assuming that the games have been set for the TRON.

That’s not all the media is claiming, however. In addition to PS3 games, the stories state that it will also be able to run PC and NDS games as well. While the PC games wouldn’t be much of a stretch (the Nvidia Shield can play PC games via streaming, after all, and the TRON has similar specs to that device), it is unclear as to how the new console would run NDS or PS3 games.

The exact quote states, “华为推出微型游戏主机TRON 可玩定制PS3游戏”, which our friends at Kotaku say translates to, “Huawei introduces miniature gaming console TRON. It can play custom PS3 games.” It will be able to run these games, supposedly, if developers just tweak them a bit for the TRON.

The console launches in China later this year at a retail price of $120. Are the reports incorrect? Or could the abbreviations mean something other than what we’re thinking?


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