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Call of Duty DLC teases Michael Myers and Aliens

A new enemy in CoD's Extinction campaign.

A new enemy in CoD’s Extinction campaign.

Today Activision has shown off a teaser which revealed a bit more on the DLC that will be arriving for Call of Duty: Ghosts on January 28.

This teaser, which may not feel like an actual CoD game, reveals a few new maps. In one, titled “Fog”, one player will be turned into the iconic murder from the Halloween series, Michael Myers, and has to track down the other players utilizing only a butcher knife… err, sorry, I mean fire axe. If the other players can avoid or keep Michael at bay long enough, they’ll win, otherwise they’ll be chopped into tiny little pieces by the deranged lunatic.

In addition, the new DLC will feature a brand new “Extinction” campaign, which will utilize a bit of horror as it pits you against hordes of alien invaders.

Though the modes may not be anything new (the campaign was shown on October 28, 2013, after all), they did show off some new, presumably higher level enemies that will be in the mode.

What are your thoughts on this DLC so far?


  • Ramon Aranda January 13, 2014 at 4:17 PM

    I hope they do something awesome Halloween (film) related!

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