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Yoshi’s New Island to arrive in March

by on January 10, 2014
Yoshi's New Island arrives on March 14.

Yoshi’s New Island arrives on March 14.

Great news for Yoshi’s Island fans; Nintendo has officially confirmed that Yoshi’s New Island will be arriving in March for the 3DS. More specifically, they’ve announced that the game will be arriving on their handheld as of March 14, 2014.

Several gamers have stated that the new art style isn’t as good as the original game’s, and they’ve also expressed worries that it won’t feel much like the original game did. If any are concerned that the new game won’t feel enough like the original, you probably shouldn’t worry as the creative director of the original game, Takashi Tezuka, is on the team that is developing the new game.

Will Nintendo show off some spectacular footage of the game before it’s released? Or is it doomed to simply be seen as a boring rehash of an old and great game?

Source: Destructoid.


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