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Next Level Games states that they will only work with Nintendo

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon sold over 3 million units.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon sold over 3 million units.

Jason Carr, co-founder of Next Level Games, has issued a statement. He keeps it simple and to the point, merely saying, “We’re only doing Nintendo products now.”

This should come as no surprise, as the company had actually been working exclusively with Nintendo for quite a while. For those wondering how the company started their relationship with Nintendo, it began with the Gamecube soccer game, Super Mario Strikers. They went on to release a sequel on the Wii, as well as Punch-Out! and they were even the studio that helped develop Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon.

Jason went on to state that the relationship started due to Sega Soccer Slam, which was a type of game that Nintendo was interested in. The company was still new at that time, so Nintendo could very well have simply asked EA to make Super Mario Strikers (a lot of the Next Level team, after all, had come from Black Box, which EA had acquired), but it seems that the company was more interested in the actual talent rather than just the company that created the game. As a result, Jason’s team was given the chance to work on the game.

Speaking about Nintendo’s decision, he states, “It is different, though. Like you say, it’s very much about the people for them. We’ve noticed with their producer-type guys, these are all guys who have usually worked on content, art, whatever, and they’ve moved into roles where it feels like the creative guys are the decision-makers.  A lot of the North American publishers we’ve worked with come from a business background. They’re money guys. It’s like, ‘Wow. It’s really nice working with guys you can imagine designing a game.’ It’s nice working with a guy who’s basically controlling the path of the schedule, and he’s actually a designer. ”

What new titles will Next Level be developing for Nintendo?

You can read the full interview on Gamasutra.


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