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‘UnEpic’ journeys to Wii U eShop January 16

by on January 8, 2014


Of late, Nintendo has been making a hard push for indie game developers to either develop titles for or adapt present games for the Wii U. EnjoyUp Games took Nintendo up on their offer, and their 2011 release UnEpic will see the light of day on the eighth-generation Nintendo console beginning January 16 via the Wii U eShop.

A loveletter to both tabletop gameplay culture and old-school “Metroidvania” games, UnEpic surrounds a modern-day gamer who finds himself teleported into a mysterious castle while taking a leak. (Because if there’s one activity prone to dangerous teleportation, it’s urinating.) Originally released for PC gaming in 2011, the indie title has received positive acclaim, though many warn that the game harkens to a time when titles didn’t hold your hand through soft-core “tutorial modes,” so expect lots of dying. Or, as we first-generation gamers like to say, suck it up, whiners.

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