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Rob Semsey confirms that Halo will indeed return in 2014

by on January 6, 2014
Rob Semsey confirms 2014 Halo game.

Rob Semsey confirms 2014 Halo game.

Several gamers have read Microsoft’s thank you note that we covered here and scratched their heads, wondering. It seems strange, after all, that there is no mention of the ever-popular Xbox franchise, Halo. Could this mean that we’ll be going a year without the Master Chief or anybody in his universe?

According to a recent Tweet by Rob Semsey (which can be seen above), those who were thinking that are wrong. There’s actually a simple reason that the announcement didn’t list a Halo title in the list of games. The newest one doesn’t have an official name yet.

Some may be wondering why the announcement didn’t just say “Halo 2014” if there was going to be a new game in the series this year, and point to that as being proof that the series will be taking a year off. Those worried about this will be happy to know that his second Tweet states, “Rest assured your next Halo journey WILL begin in 2014.”

What will this new Halo be like?

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